Thursday, January 27, 2011

one, two, three, poetry

So the marina where I work is going to the Halifax International Boat Show next week. I'm going along. It's the first time I've been to the boat show, the first time I've been to any sort of show or promotion for this particular job, and the second time I'll be driving to Halifax by myself.

In preparation for the Boat Show, I've been going through a buttload of photos that are on the computer, to get photos for our booth's slide show. There a lot of photos that look like these three above: sort of interesting from a "random art" point of view, and worthwhile for the mechanics and technicians who worked on the boats, who know why exactly they took these pictures, but not interesting for the general boating public who will be viewing the slide show just to find out about Baddeck and Dundee Marine and the projects we do. So this is what I'm doing today: clicking through folders and folders worth of photos, separating out the interesting ones. There are a LOT of photos like these ones that aren't coming to the Boat Show with us. They remind me of Shannon Leith and how she's able to make odd and random photographs into absolutely stunning and interesting works of art. It's all how you look at it, and I'm liking the looking.


Over on Kal Barteski's blog, which I check in with every day, there's a new baby! First there was Pilot, then there was Penn, and now Poet. Three little girls who live in Winnipeg with their mum Kal and dad Dan. It's interesting - they're not names I would choose for babies, as I'm more a fan of classic and simple than creative and "out there". But, they work. Congrats to Kal, Dan, Pilot and Penn on the new addition to their family.


I had heard of this video but hadn't watched it, until yesterday. It's called "How To Be Alone", and it's based on a poem by a Halifax poet and singer-songwriter, Tanya Davis. She's also in the video performing the poem. The filmmaker is Andrea Dorfman. It's about three or four minutes, and it is just absolutely stunning.

More next week after the Boat Show! And, if you're in the Halifax area and you're into boats, stop in to booth #506 - that's where I'll be!

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