Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things were feeling a little skimpy around here, without pictures. My camera's part still hasn't come in yet, and the camera store has assured me that if it had, they would have called me. OK, then.

So I thought I might pull out some of my favorite images from the last two years that I've had the digital camera. Then I realized - trying to pick my favorites from the over-10 000 images I have (no joke!) would be ridiculous. So, this morning I went looking, just randomly diving in to the pictures, and pulled out the first seven I liked.

This one was one of the first images I took. It was in March 2008, and it is the teapots that live on the back of the stove. It reminds me of a painting, maybe something by Vermeer - not that I knew who he was until just now, Googling "Girl With A Pearl Earring." But I like the way the light is soft, and coming through a window. Also the colors are mostly muted browns and whites and greys, and then you have this bright green teapot, and the blue one kind of balances it.

This one is from early 2009. I was messing around with my camera and one of our cats, Ginger. He's pretty laidback and forgiving. Sometimes when I'm sad or just wanting a chilled-out moment, I'll go to wherever Ginger is sleeping and just lay my head on his belly. This is what I'm doing here.
This is a cross-stitch piece that lives in my friend Janice's house. Her sister made it. I think it's awesome. I visited Janice and her room-mates last June, and had a lovely time.

While I was there with them, I took a walk around, and down the street came upon this beautiful magnolia tree. I started taking pictures of it, then realized the woman who owned the house was standing in the doorway. I asked her if I could take pictures of her tree and she said yes. I think this particular blossom looks a bit like a light bulb on Christmas lights.

This picture is taken in Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton. It is of Pollett's Cove, in the distance. Last summer I had rented a car, needing to take a break from not having a car, from my little village, from a lot of things. I rented a car and drove away, and visited my friend Ann, who lives in Pleasant Bay. (Well, I suppose it's Red River where she actually lives.) Then I went for a small hike down the Pollett's Cove trail, before having to turn back. I want very much to actually hike the whole trail, which I have done once before. Perhaps this summer.

This plant is called Lamb's Quarters. It is a weed to most people but it is edible, and we let some of them grow in our garden beds. Then we pick them and steam them. Delicious!

This picture was taken the same day as the Pollett's Cove one. It is the beach at Black Brook, also in the Cape Breton Highlands. It actually reminds me of the cover of my friend Bill's book, which I mentioned last post, the book "The Rock In The Water." Or, not, on second glance. Well, whatever.

So, yeah. The point of this post? I miss my camera. But, looking through my old pictures does help to ease the cravings.


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