Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I've been inspired by Kal Barteski. And who wouldn't be? She's a one-woman inspiration machine. (She also happens to be Canadian.) And so even though all I've got to work with are the tools within Windows XP, I can still make some of my visions come true. Like the photo above: taken last March, when I woke up before dawn and went to take photos of the ice crystals on the trees.

And the text in the image? Basically, I want to live my life slower. But our culture worships "fast". I've been thinking: how do we make "slow" a cultural virtue? What kinds of things can we do to show that we prize people who do things slower, who take their time to do things right?

What do you think?

Edit: You can now rate my posts, using these handy-dandy star thingamajigs. Just click on whichever number of stars you think the post deserves, from 1 (not good) to 5 (amazing, changed your life). It's an experiment. And who doesn't like quick, untraceable ways to judge things? I know I do. Give it a try.

Now we're cooking with gas!

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