Monday, June 30, 2003

By my mother's door there is a small spider's web with what looks like four bunches of yellow and black seed beads sitting on it. When they burst they become the smallest spiders I've ever seen (besides the red money spiders that Claire and I used to tease into the palms of our hands) and they crawl all around the web for a while before balling back up. Mum says that Cassis (our black currant cat) sometimes comes in with baby spiders all over her fur because she's running into these webs all over the garden.

It's been hot here, and yesterday I went to a lobster boil in Ingonish. Combine the two and you get the inevitable results that I am now quite sunburnt, but oh well. The lobsters were eaten right by the ocean, the men set a fire on the beach and brought in the trap and boiled them right there. After a cooling period we all grabbed a dripping, coral-red crustacean and went at it. I cracked mine open with my bare hands and took a big piece of meat out of the tail. I'd been swimming earlier and my body was slowly drying, becoming covered with salt from the frigid Atlantic, and sitting by the waves eating delicious lobster was perfect. The roster of events also included getting sand in my hair, climbing all over big round rocks, peering into tidal pools, getting given a lupine by a small boy named Michael, and watching the sunset from the end of the wharf.

Kevin, thank you for that day.

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