Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Yesterday I glazed all those bisqued, waxed pots. I held each one with the red tongs and tilted the Rubbermaid container full of liquid, milky-green glaze, and dipped the pot in. Counted to three, and brought it out, holding it upside down to pour out the remaining glaze. Set them on their waxed bottoms, waited a bit, and wiped the glaze off the waxed bits. Later in the day, loaded the kiln, which is a process involving heavy, cantankerous kiln shelves and little, fragile tubes that they sit on. The whole thing wobbles and shakes the higher the tower gets, and then Deanie comes over and rates it an "A plus!" and shuts the lid and everything's OK.

I have today off, and I'm going to spend it right. Speak to you soon.

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