Friday, June 6, 2003

My grant came through! Hurray! This means I will be paid a decent wage to do a job I love. Let's all sing and dance.

It's late afternoon. I've worked all day and I still have wood chips clinging to the front of my black "California" tank top, and my hair is a mess. Tomorrow I have slated, in order, a hot air balloon ride, some cooking, Jennie's high school graduation, and a party or three. Then on Sunday, we pack up the truck and head on out of here, driving to New Brunswick and either taking a ferry or, well, not. Maybe check out the Annapolis Valley (haven't been there since Mat was born) and some of Nova Scotia, and should roll in to my Mum's house just in time for Mat's birthday cake.

Last night we saw a Waldorf high school play, which was very atypical, but then it's Waldorf. It was a three-act play complete with full-cast songs, fairies, time travel, a French 'inspecteur' (with moustache), spies, secret agents in white tuxedos, trees (real ones), knights, and a devil in tap dancing shoes. Hilarious good times. I laughed til I stopped.

Alright, kids, I'll be home soon. Quit yer racket. Break out the Keith's--err--Black Russians.

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