Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Getting used to the little, flat, pretty island again. The trees haven't fully leafed out yet, so the prevailing color is a sort of lime green, not as verdant or lush as the New Hampshire woods were. The mountains lie long and low against the horizon, the lake and the bays complete the theme of flat lines. In Baddeck, it feels more than ever like the town is shrinking, but that could just be my new perspective. As well, summer is not in full swing yet, the tourists are not yet here.

So Einar and I didn't do any sightseeing on the way home; he drove straight from NH (leaving at 8 am) and getting in to Baddeck at midnight, going 140 all the way. We listened to country stations and Peter Tosh, talked about beekeeping and other assorted topics. I got a Tim Horton's coffee the minute we crossed the border at St. Stephen, not because I like it necessarily, but I felt it was required.

Yesterday I bought three pairs of pretty heeled shoes. Don't tell the hippies, but I'm sure I make Carrie Bradshaw proud.

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