Saturday, February 15, 2003

It's finally snowing here. Not too much, but enough so that the part of me that was parched and sick of looking at dry roads, dry woods, dry mountains, is somehow sated. I know that it's not enough, that we're actually in climate change, that the SUVs that still plow through the snowy roads on their way to the big inefficient houses are a large part of the problem, but it's nice to see snow again. To know that the pile of hardened, dirty snow outside the school is not it, not all we're getting this year.

So Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, a day late. Mine was good, though low-key, as all my days have been since I got sick. I'm better now, but still taking it easy. I saw tango live last night, and it was just as sensual and amazing as I'd hoped it would be. The woman wore a red dress and black shoes with red tips, and the man wore a grey suit with a white scarf, and a hat he had down over his face. They did the whole legs-up-and-down-and-around thing all over the stage, and the quartet, Tango Paradiso, played tango nuevo and classical tango, and it was great to watch.

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