Thursday, February 20, 2003

Eating a cracker at 10:30 pm because I'm hungry and there's nothing else snackable around. I've already eaten one of my semi-sweet baker's chocolate blocks, but then the point is not that it's being saved for baking with (it's not, I buy the boxes to satisfy chocolate cravings) but only that I've already had one, and except for cases of PMS, that is my limit. I've really been getting into eating Stoned Wheat Thins (the name is partly why I love them) with medium-heat salsa, and sometimes lemon, straight up. Tell me I'm weird, go on.

Today, although it did not include exercise, or very much sunshine (in fact, none at all) was pretty damn good. I slept in, first off, and then the kids and I went into town on a dreary rainy afternoon, to go to the art store. We looked through Andy Goldsworthy's book Time, sitting on the floor of Lotus, all three of us continually breathing "Oh does he do that?" I bought a pencil and a sharpener because I want to start drawing more, drawing humans and lovers and friends.

Then, we went to the toy store and bounced bouncy balls and blew into party favours that shriek shrilly, and then we went to the jewellery store and gazed into the twinkling cases full of sparkling belts, chokers, bracelets, tiaras, hair clips and combs, bags that look like piles of purple roses, and ones that have soft velvet beaded exteriors. I looked at the nose studs, and asked the kids what they thought of me getting my nose pierced. (I saw the awful film Biker Boyz last night, and I want hair like this and also a nose ring...could I be I think Lisa Bonet is hot? Naww..)

Then off we were to Moguls for our hot chocolates with chocolate whip cream on top, and then to the bookstore for perusing among the shelves, always a fine activity on a rainy afternoon. Home again, to where soup waited for us and the exploring of the art supplies we'd bought. Tomorrow is Library Day, as it was closed today. I hope it rains, or snows. I'm not fussy.

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