Thursday, February 27, 2003

Conclusions Post-Ride

My arms are still sore from all that snowboarding day before yesterday, but that may also have something to do with the fact that I went and swam a bunch of laps yesterday, in between my hot tub and the steam room. I liked boarding, it was really great, but I think that I don't want to throw myself into it, live my life for it, in order to get really good at it. I think I want to get to a point of semi-proficiency, where I can get around OK if I'm in a ski-town and I want to go riding, but in order to get any better than that I'd probably have to go and get a board and all the other stuff that goes along with it, and I have neither the money nor the desire to do it.

I did enjoy, however, the feeling of pushing myself, really pushing my body for a sport, and seeing the results. I think that I want to get into a cheaper and less-risky sport for which I feel the same (hiking, swimming and dance come to mind) and really give my all to it (or them).

I also have enormous respect for people who can ride really well, now.

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