Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Janice: Did you ever wonder what bees do in their spare time? I have this theory that they are big into musical theatre. Any thoughts? :)

Me: Bees in their spare time do a variety of things. Most of them take place outside of the realm of human understanding and sensory perception, but still we would label them using human terminology, just to make it a little easier to comprehend. First off, they don't get much spare time, they're always buzzing around, getting pollen from flowers that look like 70s decorative art, and then they have to attend to the queen and pump honey into the cells where the babies are growing. But when they get a moment off, they're big into glam. They love a good drag queen show, they love false gold eyelashes, and they really like to take a trip to New York to see a fashion show. Bees are also the best known creators of Faberge eggs, as they've got six appendages with which to style them, and a keen sense of detail. As well, your theory on musical theatre has been proven, by J. Simon Que, in his study The Secret Life of Bees: A Year at High Pond. In chapter 7, Bees on Broadway, Que maintains that some of the best and well-known performances on the New York musical theatre circuit were actually choreographed by three hives of bees, from upstate NY.

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