Monday, December 23, 2002

Well. I started a new job today, at Shakespeare's Pies. This little pie thing is a phenomenon new to me, as it originates in Australia. Apparently where I work is the first eatery of its kind in Canada. For between 3-5 bucks, you get a little 3-4 inch pie, with one of various interesting fillings. It's not as busy as my last restaurant job, which was back East, a waitress in the busiest spot in town. This is at least only counter work, and baking. I like it so far. And there's a nice view out the window of --what else-- mountains.

I got up at 6 this morning. Walked to the bus stop in the dark, seeing (and nearly falling on ) for the first time this winter some black ice. I sat by the heater and watched the sky for the whole 10 min bus ride from Emerald into the village, all along Green Lake. There was one prominent star above Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, and in the east a yellowy tinge. I decided I might get to like this whole getting up early thing. Up until now (shh, don't tell anyone) I was getting up regularly between 10 and noon. And then leisurely stretching and exercising and showering and eating breakfast (all in that order) til two hours had passed. Oh, the hard life.

Last night I went to the Writer's Group for the first time. It's only capitalized because it was in the paper as such, so I'm assuming it's its name, not just category. It was good fun, plus it was the Christmas Potluck Edition. Stella'a house is gorgeous, as are most of the homes in the area; everyone was genuine, and intelligent comments were made. How fun to think of us all gathered like that to nurture what could be seen as both a luxury and a gift. All of us from different lives, ages, paths, sitting around, messing about with words.

I'm feeling good about being on my own. Sometimes I feel like a hermit, and sometimes I want someone to run to and there's no-one close by; but most of the time this is really loads of fun, having my own flat, making my own meals, being able to talk out loud to myself whenever I want. Coal (the dog) is a good constant companion; he listens and is excited when I come home (or when anyone does, really). When we go on walks his paws go 'snick snick' against the icy pavement, and he's usually the smaller dog when we meet other dogs on the street, so he has to have a personality in order to survive all these jabs at his manliness.

Almost Christmas. A totally new type of season for me, being out here and all. I may not even party on New Year's! They say it's a lucrative nanny night. Besides, there are 364 other days of the year to get loaded. And not many to make $100+ just for watching children.

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